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About us

Extraordinary Coffee Experience

Central Sumatera Coffee (CSC) is about the love we put into specialty processing coffee that can be enjoyed from our farm to everyone. The story begun with a dream from our founder who fell in love with agriculture, especially coffee farm, from big city to small village that has long history of coffee farms in Sumatra and Aceh region.

It is all started 8 years ago when the founder pass through the final phase of semester in the college, someone gave an insight for the prospect of coffee plantation and development of upstream coffee industry in the next 10 years. Then, the story continued into our passion and dreams to develop the best quality coffee until this moment.

We keep our beans to be traceable and sustainable as a priority, because our belief that customers have the rights to enjoy better quality of coffee by ensuring every step from cherries to green beans are meticulously crafted. Our aim is to deliver an extraordinary coffee experience that delights and inspires people.

We grew organically, we love what we do, we’re together through thick and thin, we’re a small team putting our hope in coffee, dreaming small and then dreaming big to bring all that we have to everyone who enjoys it.



Gayo – Bener Meriah

Bener Meriah is the origin that has the largest arabica production in Indonesia, this highland region has an elevation of 1100 to 1500 meters above sea level which produces variety of flavor characters.We have a few estate names in Bener meriah that are authentic to us here:

Asbi’s Estates, Enzo’s Estates, & Empus Israk, some of the varieties planted are Typica, Abyssinia, Bourbon, & Ateng Super. The harvest season starts at end of October until end of June is the timeline of the harvest, from elevations low altitude to high altitude.


North Sumatera – Mandheling Natal

Mandheling Natal is one of the oldest origins in Indonesia on the island of northern Sumatra, and “Mandheling” is also one of the most popular origins that has become an icon in the world, but currently the population of coffee farms in Mandheling Natal is limited. The production capacity for Sumatra Mandheling is limited, and only a small quantity of production was recorded. Since most of the trees planted are old and steep geographic terrain makes it more difficult to harvest. Therefore, we try to cultivate Mandheling at original location and we aim to make our location in the village of Ulu Pungkut – Hutagodang, a Mandheling Natal as coffee revival area under the name Mandheling Reborn Estates with an altitude of 1150 to 1250 meters above sea level. We are cultivating & growing Ateng Super and Typica varieties and the harvest season comes at early September until the end of January, started low altitude to high altitude.



North Sumatera – Kayo

Starting at the beginning of the pandemic, we were in a brief discussion with quality control and also our good friend, that there is an origin in upper North Sumatra which is located 3 hours from the centre of the capital of North Sumatra, namely Karo.

Karo is a small village close to Lake Toba, the largest lake in Indonesia, with an elevation of 1300-1650 meters above sea level, and there are several organic coffee farms that we created under the name Simalem Organics Estates with the population varieties being Catimor & Typica.

The harvest season start at early of Februry until end of June from high altitude to lower parts of the region.


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Meet Our Team

Enzo Sauqi H

President Director

Ray Farandy Siregar

Head of Finance

Yogi Sahrezi Tampubolon

Head of Coffee Processor

Syaiful Hairi

Head of Coffee Quality Control


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