North Sumatera Mandheling


Mandheling Natal is one of the oldest origins in Indonesia on the island of northern Sumatra, and “Mandheling” is one of the most popular origins that has become an icon in the world. Still, currently, the population of coffee farms in Mandheling Natal is limited.

The production capacity for Sumatra Mandheling is limited, and only a small quantity of production was recorded. Since most of the trees planted are old and steep, the geographic terrain makes it more challenging to harvest. Therefore, we are trying to cultivate Mandheling at the original location, and we aim to make our location in the village of Ulu Pungkut - Hutagodang, a Mandheling Natal, a coffee revival area under the name Mandheling Reborn Estates with an altitude of 1150 to 1250 meters above sea level. We are cultivating & growing Ateng Super and Typica varieties, and the harvest season comes from early September until the end of January, from low to high altitude.